Parisa’s passion for baking is as strong as her love for her family and husband. Family conflict caused Parisa and her family to flee for their lives after many violent attacks by their own family. Seeking refuge in Lesvos, Parisa misses her old life and does not know what the future holds. Her 40,000 Instagram followers both worry about her safety and praise her delicious cakes and desserts. For the first time in one year, Parisa gets back into the kitchen, bringing a touch of normality and joy back into her life.

Film by Sabine van Ditzhuijzen
Co directing: Jalal Joienda
Editor 1: Sabine van Ditzhuijzen
Editor 2: Tom Roes
Editor 3: Frank van Rooijen
Title and subtitles: Rogier Egas Reparaz

With the help of Parisa and her family.
July 2018

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