About us.

Portraits of a city started in Buenos Aires as ‘I Am Buenos Aires’ in 2012.
The initial idea was to portrait only people from Buenos Aires.
With the intention to create more stories from people around the world we changed the name into Portraits of a city. During this process of creating more stories around the world (Lesbos 2018 and Amsterdam 2020) more creative filmmakers applied to create with us. So about us means, about all the people that were involved in the process of making these beautiful stories.
Why creating? Because making short films from your heart with other creators and feel their inspiration makes the filmmaking so special. Sabine van Ditzhuijzen is still involved as the main filmmaker in this project.

About us
NOVEMBER 24, 2020

Portraits of Amsterdam in premiere!

The first short film of Amsterdam is about Ghino, a 29-year-old Thai boxer. We get a quick peek into the life of Ghino and his career as a Thai Boxer professional and teacher at the Vondelgym. During a class of Ghino, we will get insights of his aspirations of his professional career but also his visions as a teacher.


The first film of Amsterdam is filmed.

Together with Michiel Stock and Sasha Li, Sabine created Ghino’s film in Amsterdam Oost.

OCTOBER 5, 2018

Portraits of Lesvos online

Parisa and the Iranian love for pastry. Thanasis is born and raised in Molyvos, Lesvos. Amir, fastest runner on the island, originally from Afghanistan. Elies followed her heart emigrating to Lesvos. Watch all the films online.

OCTOBER 3, 2018

Lesvos films premiered in Amsterdam

The Parool Theatre, Amsterdam.
Screening of four short documentaries. Moderated by Ashley Thompson. Sponsored by TSH Collab & Lab Rooms.
An interactive filmscreening with discussions afterwards.

JULY 2018

Shooting films Lesvos

Sabine went to Mytilene, Lesvos for 5 days to research, film and meet with people from Lesvos.



Sabine is inspired by Sinan Can (filmmaker BNN/VARA). They had multiple coffees, and the first ideas to make Portraits of Lesvos is born.


Portraits of a City

The name has changed from ‘’I am Buenos Aires’’ into ‘Portraits of a city’. With the intention to make more video’s around the world.


Goodbye Buenos Aires

Sabine and Emi made the last video in Buenos Aires. A video about Claudia, the Scrabble champion.


First Screening portraits of Buenos Aires

We invited all the portraits of Buenos Aires for a screening evening.

SEPTEMBER 2013-2014

Filming of Jorge

We filmed so many interesting people.



On national television with I am Buenos Aires! C5N



This non-profit documentary film project was initiated by Martine, Sanne, Emi and Sabine in the city of Buenos Aires.