Take a look into Anita’s world of fashion.
Anita came to Buenos Aires in 2010. Her father is Argentinean, her mother is Dutch. She grew up in The Netherlands but in 2012, Anita used to live in Buenos Aires and dedicated her live to fashion. She had her own brand of vintage clothes.
A vacation in Argentina changed her life. In a bar in Buenos Aires she met her (ex) boyfriend and that implied a huge change. She decided to move to Buenos Aires. After trying a fixed job, she took the decision to try her luck and to start her own fashion brand. Fashion always was Anita’s passion and she tells us with all her hart about how she loves fashion and how it has always run through her veins.

We enjoyed interviewing her so much! She was our first ‘ever’ candidate and with her perfect charism in front of the camera and the recording in one of her vintage clothes sales, we couldn’t have chosen any better!

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